Member Benefits

Why Join?

The propeller repair, sales, service and manufacturing industry is a highly specialized and critical segment of the boating industry and the people who work in it uniquely talented and hard working. Joining NMPA immediately provides you [whether a small business owner running a propeller shop or a larger company with interests in this segment] the sense that you are not alone. It offers a network of like-minded talented professionals who are willing to share knowledge and experience to strengthen their businesses and their industry. You will be a part of something bigger with opportunities to learn as well as contribute.

With the access to training, information and through Certification you can expand your technical and business management skills while also enhancing public trust in the standards and quality of your workmanship and that of all members of the NMPA.   The NMPA Annual Convention, this website [includes the Member Forum, Resource Library, Job Board, Online Member Directory], our newsletter Leading Edge and the ability to reach into our network to build beneficial business contacts are among the reasons you should be a member.

Are you ready to join? Sign up online today and begin taking advantage of membership benefits immediately. Got more questions? Contact our office at 954-880-3559  or send us a message today.